Shala Spa evolved from a devotion to create holistic spa experiences that are tailored to each individual.  We believe that beauty is not only the physical dimension, but reflects the vitality and health of the whole person, each singly distinct and extraordinary.  Shala Spa, meaning “Sanctuary”, adopted Ayurveda’s philosophy to treat the mind~body~spirit as an interconnected union that is completely unique by virtue of the earth’s elements.  

Ayurveda, or “The Wisdom of Life”, originates everything in this universe, including the human body, from five basic elements:  space, air, fire, water and earth.  Shala Spa’s approach is to discover and cultivate a harmonious balance of these elements known as doshas, through a diverse assortment of treatments to calm the mind, restore the body and enliven the spirit. 

All of Shala Spa treatments embody natural ingredients to achieve radiant skin and ageless beauty that emanate from deep within.  We use result driven key ingredients that are composed of herbs, plants, fruits and essential oils that have been timelessly sourced for their therapeutic benefits.   We pride ourselves in selecting products that are free of cancer-causing agents, chemical additives, parabens, potential irritants and petro-chemicals as well as animal testing and byproducts.  Simple and pure - just as nature created. 

Shala Spa invites you to experience our luxurious and effective treatments customized to complement your individual wellness and beauty goals.  Our talented practitioners channel an intuitive touch to massages, body treatments and facials to blissfully deepen the experience.  Surrender to a personal sanctuary of a nurtured body, a clear mind and an inspired spirit as we unveil your perfect balance.

shala  spa at DREAM South Beach Hotel    1119 Collins Avenue   Miami Beach, FL 33139 305-351-0819

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