Create your perfect spa experience by layering these treatments with any of our Shala Indulgences, Intuitive Touch, or Body Renewal treatments, or enjoy one alone.

Ultra-S Radiant Recovery – This non-invasive, new generation soft peel is an effective alternative to cosmetic surgery. A high performance ultrasound exfoliates the scaly layers of the skin, followed by deep product penetration to render a luminous and healthy glow immediately. This facial regenerates collagen and elastin fibers, improving skin texture and tone; diminishes fine lines and wrinkles; improves acne, congested and oily skin; reduces pore size; soothes inflammation and puffiness; and lightens hyperpigmentation. This is the secret to painless, safe and perfectly natural anti-aging.  60 Minutes / $190

Radiant Lift – A combination of the Radiant Recover and Youthful Lift - our holistic version of a soft peel and an alternative to botox.   90 Minutes / $225

Shala Tailored Facial - Designed to purify the skin through the marriage of western science and ancient Ayurvedic wisdom.  Purely organic ingredients are individually tailored to treat specific skin concerns.  An invigorating scalp massage or foot therapy completes this tranquil experience.   60 Minutes / $150

 • Rich Repair – for dry and mature Vata skin to deeply nourish and rejuvenate skin with plant extracts, powders, anti-aging elements and plant-derived anti-oxidants to renew skin.
• Fine Line - for normal or sensitive Pitta skin to soothe and calm inflamed, irritated skin with
algae, aloe, anti-inflammatory herbs, plant extracts and essential oils to protect skin. 
• Balance – for oily or congested Kapha skin to absorb excess oil and increase circulation with Ayurvedic herbs, seaweed, stimulating plants, detoxifying extracts and essential oils to improve skin tone.
• Deep Cleanse – for acne prone skin to extract and purify pores with anti-bacterial plant extracts, detoxifying clay and essential oils to stimulate circulation, providing oxygen and nutrients to the skin’s surface.

Sun Soother FacialA facial to nurture sun damaged and mature skin with potent aloe vera and anti-inflammatory herb and plant extracts.  The ultra-soothing and hydrating mask infuses the skin with moisture leaving skin soft, supple and glowing.   A nourishing scalp and hair treatment or rejuvenating hand therapy complete this optimal treatment.   45 Minutes / $110

Men’s Face Therapy – An invigorating and revitalizing skin care therapy to draw out impurities, congestion and nourish the face.  A cleanse, exfoliation and hydrating finish calm the face irritated by daily shaving and exposure to the elements.  A soothing massage of the face and scalp brings the mind and spirit to a state of calm.  45 Minutes / $95

Youthful Lift – A naturalist's alternative to Botox and fillers.  Ultrasound technology allows deep penetration of serums and peptides into the cellular level to relax deep lines while firming and lifting the skin.   Recommended as an add-on to the Shala Tailored Facial or the Radiant Recovery Facial.  For best results, a series of treatments is suggested.   30 Minutes / $75  Series of 6 / $375

Nurturing Facial – A cleansing and moisturizing facial to refresh and renew skin while on the go.  30 Minutes / $75

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