Body Renewal

Create your perfect spa experience by layering these treatments with any of our Shala Indulgences, Intuitive Touch, or Radiant Face treatments, or enjoy one alone.

Seasonal Special pricing is subject to change.


Create your signature body scrub recipe from our apothecary to bring skin back to life while attaining your desired goal to hydrate, detox or boost immune. Choose a himalayan salt, organic cane sugar or coffee as a base, add aromatic herbs, florals, essential and nourishing body oils and other active ingredients. Your personalized recipe is then applied in this treatment as either a simple exfoliation or enhanced by combining with gentle massage strokes. Warm herbal towels complete this experience.
Exfol-Assage $165 / 45 Min.

Exfoliation only $90 / 30 Min.

Take Home-Care $40

Anti- Cellulite & Contour Ritual

This triple treatment focuses on hips and thighs to flush out toxins, achieve firmer skin tone and improves the appearance of cellulite. Dry brushing and a mineral detox scrub eliminate impurities. A seaweed mask stimulates the metabolism while wrapped in a warm cocoon. An invigorating cellulite massage with a firming cream completes this effective treatment that prolongs internal cleansing.
$180 75 Minutes

Rejuvenating Cocoon

New skin is unveiled and infused with hydrating and anti-aging properties. A gentle organic body scrub eliminates dead skin cells, followed by an ultra-moisturizing body wrap that nourishes, dry, weathered skin leaving it supple and renewed.
$130 60 Minutes

Sun Repair

A cooling and comforting treatment soothes and re-hydrates sun-exposed skin. A highly moisturizing body wrap nourishes and repairs the skin, while protecting the fragile epidermis. An enlivening scalp massage or foot therapy release tension and concludes a fully restorative treatment.
$100 30 Minutes

Body Renewal

The best kept secret for that glowing, long lasting tan. Revitalized skin emerges when exfoliated and nourished with the healing ingredients. Your choice of a Himalayan Detox Body Scrub or a Nourishing Milk & Honey Polish
$75 30 Minutes
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