Intuitive Massage

Create your perfect spa experience by layering these treatments with any of our Shala Indulgences, Body Renewal, or Radiant Face treatments, or enjoy one alone.

Seasonal Special pricing is subject to change.


Warm Herbal Poultice Bliss

An energizing, rhythmic massage utilizing an organic herbal poultice that is steamed to release its healing properties, then applied to the body at pressure points to relax muscles and release tension. Practitioners blend the journey with an array of massage techniques best suited to achieve total renewal and well-being. The Calming Poultice is a blend of basil, vetiver, and ginger to draw the body and mind into serenity and total harmony. The Indigo Poultice stimulates detoxification and treats muscle aches and pains with a blend of cinnamon, camphor and indigo leaf.
$210 80 Minutes

Chakra Balancing Ritual

An inquiry into your inner wisdom is the guide in this ritual to help clear energy blocks. Energy healing, crystals and essential oils specific to each chakra are lightly feathered along the spinal column and back with variations of therapeutic touch for profound relaxation and balancing.
$115 30 Minutes

Zen Time

The perfect pick-me-up and jet-lag remedy. Warm aroma towels prepare the neck and shoulders for massage; a peppermint mask and hot stones combined with massage to ease tired feet.
$75 20 Minutes

Shala Tailored Massage

A blend of massage modalities orchestrated in tandem with the body’s rhythm and demands to foster healing and total well-being. Integrating techniques from Swedish massage to relax and calm; Deep Tissue massage to release muscle tension and detoxify; Sports massage to improve range of motion and alleviate muscle injuries.
$140 / 60 Min.

$200 / 90 Min.

Intuitive Touch Massage

Smooth and rhythmic Swedish massage strokes and aromatherapy instill total relaxation and ease tension in areas that need it most. Choice of aromatherapy blend.
$120 50 Min

Target Pain Relief

Relieve pain and regain flexible movement in the area of the body that classically collects tension. A massage focusing on a specific zone – legs, lower back or shoulders – to alleviate pain from exercise, injury or everyday stress.
$75 30 Minutes

Essential Immune Boost

A Native tradition to bring body energies into alignment and boost the immune system. A sequence of essential oils are applied on feet, in rain-like drops along back and smoothed out with variation of strokes. A facial steam enhances inhalation for profound healing.
$75 30 Minutes

Massage Enhancements

Canna-Bliss Rescue - A holistic approach to muscle and joint pain, stiffness or inflammation. Safely experience the benefits of hemp-based products without the mind-altering effects of THC. Promotes deep relaxation, mood enhancement and alleviates many skin conditions. Can be added to any massage. $40/ full body; $25/ target area.

Raindrop Immune - A sequence of essential oils applied on the back and smoothed out with a variation of massage strokes. $25

Deep Stretch – Assisted stretching and breathing techniques to help increase body’s range of motion and flexibility; improves sport performance and reduces risk of injury from repetitive muscle use. $40

Stress Melt - Hot stones are integrated into a soothing back massage to dissolve tension and discomfort. As an add-on to any treatment. $25

Herbal Ease – Steam herb inhalation alleviates blocked nasal passages and nasal congestion due to flu, seasonal colds, sinus infections. Induces deep sleep and profound relaxation. $25

ShiraDhara Ritual – A twist to the ancient ayurvedic treatment of gently pouring a stream of liquid over the forehead and scalp to relax the mind. This treatment combines a blend of chamomile and rosemary hair tonic to strengthen hair follicles. $25

Lymphatic Brushing - Helps speed up the process of eliminating waste and dead cells from our body by transferring them to the bloodstream to the lymphatic system. Also prevents dry skin by stimulating sebum secretion from the sebaceous glands, leading to softer, lustrous skin. $25

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